Thursday, September 09, 2004

America...Love it or move to a free country

I saw that several days ago and would of never thought of it myself. At first I was really pissed about it, then it started to make sense. I'm not sure which pissed me off more.
During the cold war, we used to say 'America, love it or leave it'. That was in a different age though. Back then we were confronting the spread of communism. Up against the soviet empire and the Chinese communists. 'Better dead than red', 'kill a commie for mommy' come to mind. We were, to an extent, a free country. The opposition had secret laws, secret warrants, secret courts, secret arrests, secret trials, secret imprisonments. People there could be on the street one day, and locked up forever the next. We had freedom, they had secrets.
Today the cold war is over. The Berlin wall has come down. Russia is trying to change into a free society. Today we have the secrets. Today we are photographed and filmed as we go about our normal daily business. We are the ones who are questioned and searched prior to boarding an airplane. We are the ones who aren't allowed to meet in large groups on the street corners of our inner cities. We're the ones who aren't allowed to form groups to hang out in the parking lot in small towns without questioning or arrest. We are the people who have to show a state issued identification paper at the request of authorities.
I wouldn't under any circumstances give away my freedoms. I get pissed when the government takes them away. Especially when it's for some ideological bullshit such as making you FEEL safer. You never feared me before, so why do you now? I'm nothing but a normal citizen. A veteran who's done his time in the war zone. I've killed and seen people killed, like a lot of veterans. I fought for those freedoms that the complacent assholes of today are so willing to give up for pseudo-security. Why do you fear each other? I'm disabled, like a lot of Americans, veteran or not. Does this mean that you should fear my boarding an airplane without being searched? I don't think so.
What made this country great was the ability to be able to do your own thing, as long as it didn't harm anyone else. I used to believe that crap. Today, I just believe that this country is going downhill faster than it knows. My significant other tells me I should move back to England if that's the way I feel. That's where I was born. I'm an Air Force brat, that later joined the Navy. If England was more free than the United States, I probably would. The trouble is that in London, the average person is photographed over three hundred times a day, while going about their daily business. America is heading down the same path. I'm sickened by it. How about you?


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