Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm Calling 'YOU' Out !

Our heroes are dieing in vain. What this country needs is a citizenry that will remove the pseudo-Christians and money whores from office and elect a democratic constitutionalist. There are two of them running for the office of President. One is a republican (Ron Paul). The other, a democrat and my choice (Dennis Kucinich).

When I served in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club. I took an oath. That oath was to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That oath didn't say to do it for the next six or eight years. It had no time limit.

Today I find myself at odds with my government. Not by just a little bit. I am at extreme odds with the way this country is going. There is only one way to put this country back on the right track. That is to do as the Constitution states.

It is up to the citizenry of this country to defend our Constitution. The pseudo-Christian holder of the office of President and the money-whore in the office of Vice-president, in the company of members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States of America have stolen your land, your money, your security and now your LIBERTY !

Our soldiers, our heroes, are off fighting another war. A war, roughly, on the other side of the planet. As a citizen, it is your constitutional DUTY to defend this country, AND the Constitution of the United States of America from "All Enemies, Foreign and DOMESTIC"!

If the civilian population, the citizenry, does not rise up in protest in this presidential election. This country with its constitution will die. The land will still be here. The water will stay. There will still be people to tend the fields and there'll be shopkeepers too. There will still be a flag with 50 stars and thirteen stripes. We will still have leaders and followers. What will die is the United States of America.

The black man will once again lower his eyes when the boss-man approaches. The white man will spit out "yes'm boss" just like in the chain gang. The Latino will try to get back across the border before the gates to the wall are closed. The yellow man will be back in the tunnels, the mines, the laundry of his owner. The United States of America will of died.

It doesn't have to end like that. But, it will if the citizenry do not do their constitutional duty. The rights you have as a citizen are bestowed at birth, or when you take the Oath of Allegiance. They were not free. They were bought and paid for with the blood of a million souls. It is time to pay your dues, with interest.

Today, and tomorrow, and the next day after, it is your responsibility, your duty to defend your right to call yourself an American. If you shun this right, this duty, this responsibility, then you are not worth the title of citizen. You will become what we have fought against. You will become a slave.

You may see a dollar to spend at the company store. Oh, it may have a different name on it than the place you work for. Look at who owns it. A group, a club, a "coalition" of the owners. It may not be a white man that owns the black. It will be the people with green that own the people without green.

The time is now people. To rise up. To stop the rape and plunder of the Constitution of the United States of America. To do anything else is un-American.

I'm back

It took a while. Had things to do. I'm back. Get over it.