Friday, July 01, 2005

Maybe it's me.

It seems as if every day I hear of people doing stranger things than what I would even imagine. Some of these people, I am sure, are not quite all there. Others could best be described as totally off their rocker. Once in a while I read of someone that's a totally sick bastard. The woman in the linked article, to me, is just plain old stupid.

Who in, or anywhere close to, their right mind has a permanent tattoo of a casino placed on their forehead? Don't get me wrong. Tattoos are fine, if you're into that kind of thing. Want one on your face? Hey, I don't have to run around with it for the next fifty years. What do I care? It's your face.

If you feel the need to advertise for a company, wear a t-shirt. Want to get paid for it so that you can send your kid to school? Have them paint your car. Have a sudden desire to make an ass of yourself in public and maybe get a few bucks for the pleasure? Enter a wet t-shirt contest. Mad desire to be a blooming idiot? Have a casinos name tattooed on your forehead.

In days gone by, I couldn't get drunk/stoned enough to do something this stupid. And before you ask, yes. I have consumed and I did inhale. No, I didn't get anything tattooed to my head.

I mean, after all the novelty wears off this has got to be somewhat humiliating. That assumes that being a novelty item is a good thing.

By the way. What's the kid supposed to say? That he went to school on the 'my mom's the retard that had her face tattooed with a casinos name college plan'?

I don't know. Maybe it is me.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I don't understand

I've always thought of myself as an open minded individual. I may not agree with what someone does, but I do usually accept the fact that people are different and leave it at that. Sometimes, I just don't get it though.

I fully understand that people have different opinions on what turns them on. I realize that for them, their fetish is fully acceptable. There's S&M, B&D, golden showers, scat and all sorts of other things that people get off on.

This guy however takes the cake. What in gods name would possess someone to crawl into an outhouse to see some tail? I mean come on. If you're in to golden showers, great. I don't care. If scat's your thing. Well, then cool for you. In to being a peeping tom. Deal with the law. But crawling into the shitter to do any/all of the above is one of the sickest damn things I've ever heard of.

I know that there are things that are morally more wrong than what this person(?) did. But as far as being frigging wierd, this guy takes the cake.

I just don't understand.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Why is this news??

Why is it that five years into the 21st century American Indians going to college is news? Why do we as a country continue to oppress our own, even as we state to the world that we are spreading freedom? Is that what we are doing to the native people of this land, spreading freedom?

These issues should of been settled generations ago. We've fought the wars within ourselves over slavery, womens rights, and equal rights for people of color. The American Indian Movement was suppressed though by the federal government. Why is that? What do we have to fear from the great Nations of this land? Well, except for the truth.

Today our brothers and sisters still live in poverty. They live in the same type of squalor that is found in third world countries. No electricity, no water, no medical care. No hope for a future because it is denied them. Denied them by us, the people of the strongest, richest nation on earth.

Oppressing our own people is not what we should be showing the world, if it is freedom and democracy that we want the world have. We need to lift them up as the proud people that they are. Place their beliefs along side ours. treat them as we would like to be treated.

People of any race, color, religion going to college is without a doubt a good thing. In the third world it may even be news. In the United States of America it should be an everyday event. Not worthy of mentioning in a national news story.

Support our troops

I get tired of hearing this crap out of the mouths of politicians. Not because our troops don't need our support, they do. No, it's more because they spout this shit out of their mouths while screwing them at the same time.

First they send our soldiers, sailors, airman and marines to war with insufficient body armor.

Then we find out that the vehicles are being blown to crap and servicemen/women are being killed or maimed because the vehicles aren't armored.

Now we find out that the Veterans Administration is short of money and is having to get emergency funding.

Yet I'm being told to support the troops. How about the damn politicians support our troops by giving them what they need when they need it. How about giving them the medical care they need when they return from that damn hell hole.

It should be a no brainer. War = casualties = medical care. Oh yea, we'll up the insurance for when your loved one dies, but we're gonna shit all over him/her if the unlucky fuck manages to survive.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Save the flag

It never fails to ammuse me. Every time I turn around some damn idiot in Congress thinks that the flag needs to be protected from burning.

The flag of the United States of America is probably the largest symbol on the planet. It stands for the freedoms that we are, as a people, promised. It stands for not being subjected to government abuses. It stands for speaking ones mind without retribution. It stands for praying to a god that I choose or not praying to any god, without being told that I am wrong.

The flag, like many symbols, is not destroyed by burning. In fact the Constitution of the United States is strengthened every time that someone decides to say his/her piece by burning the flag. The 'right' to burn the flag allows me to feel free. This doesn't mean that I should run around burning flags willy nilly. No if it is done, it has to be done with the knowledge of which it represents.

Burning the flag would seem to be easier today than yesterday. This is because the things that it stands for are eroding as our rights are stripped away. I can no longer buy cough medicine without showing a government approved photo I.D. and signing a log. Books I check out of the library are subject to review by government agents. To board an airplane I have to subject myself to a pat-down. These actions are unacceptable in a free society.

If the government wants to stop people from burning the flag then the government needs to restore the rights of the citizen. Making it illegal will not make me proud to be an American. It is pride in our country that protects the symbol of freedom from burning, not laws to throw us in jail for speaking our mind.

If the government is so obsessed by the desecration of the flag maybe they should look at how people treat it on a daily basis.

Fair weather flags are flown in the rain.

Flags are flown all night without being lighted.

They are flown frayed all the way to the jack on cars and pickups.

They are allowed to not only drag the ground, but to sit in flower beds absorbing the soil that wicks up.

They are flown upside down because someones staff broke, and allowed to drape bushes and trash cans while doing so.

These actions are all done by people that claim to be patriotic. Sorry people, owning and flying a flag does not make a person patriotic.

I have only seen one flag flown off of a military installation, that was consistently flown properly. That includes government buildings, schools, car lots, patriotic rallies, et al. This place is at a house down the street from me. It is flown 24/7/365. It is dipped when appropriate. It is lighted at night. It is of the proper materials for all weather flying. To the person who flies this flag in my honor, and the honor of all that have served this country, I salute you. YOU have made me proud to be an American. It is your proper display of the flag that keeps me from burning it like a rag.

To the people that fly the frayed rags from your cars. To those who fly the symbol of freedom from oppression improperly. You make my gut crawl. You may as well burn it. You don't deserve the freedoms that you so proudly boast of.

It is the improper flying of the flag which is an act of desecration. It is these acts that should be punished, not the voicing of ones opinion.