Thursday, June 30, 2005

I don't understand

I've always thought of myself as an open minded individual. I may not agree with what someone does, but I do usually accept the fact that people are different and leave it at that. Sometimes, I just don't get it though.

I fully understand that people have different opinions on what turns them on. I realize that for them, their fetish is fully acceptable. There's S&M, B&D, golden showers, scat and all sorts of other things that people get off on.

This guy however takes the cake. What in gods name would possess someone to crawl into an outhouse to see some tail? I mean come on. If you're in to golden showers, great. I don't care. If scat's your thing. Well, then cool for you. In to being a peeping tom. Deal with the law. But crawling into the shitter to do any/all of the above is one of the sickest damn things I've ever heard of.

I know that there are things that are morally more wrong than what this person(?) did. But as far as being frigging wierd, this guy takes the cake.

I just don't understand.


Anonymous PB said...

D -
I'm actually rather HAPPY that you don't understand. Strange you might be...but you aren't a friggin fruit loop! And for that, I'm grateful!
(BTW - I didn't EVEN want to follow the link. Your descripton was enough for me, thankyouverymuch.)

12:12 AM  

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