Friday, September 02, 2005

The Shame of America

I sit here, not believing the scenes that I see on the television. Unable to fathom the words I hear on the radio. Where is the federal response?

I understand that some people didn't want to evacuate. I also know that a lot of people couldn't. They are too poor, or physically unable to get out of town. I can relate to that. If not for my wife, I wouldn't be able to evacuate my town. I'm poor and handicapped.

What I want to know is, where is the federal response? Waiting until the hurricane hit is putting it too late. Ships arriving in several days is a crock. The ships could have been deployed sooner and actually followed the storm in. They would have been on the scene immediately. not several days from now.

It costs very little to put our ships to sea, over what it costs to have them sit in port. Yes, they may respond and not be needed. They could also be there just in time. Doing search and rescue. Ferrying much needed supplies such as food and water. Putting marines and sailors on the beach to maintain law and order.

What happened at the dome and convention center? The lawlessness is unacceptable. There were people in charge when the people were placed there. Where did they go? Where are the people in charge?

During the Cold War we had shelters to go to in case of attack by the Russians. These shelters were stocked with food and water. They were located throughout the country. In Oklahoma and Kansas we used them for tornado shelters as well. Why don't we have them today? If nothing else they would prevent people going hungry and eating out of the trash. They would provide the populace with potable water.

Why were the levees not maintained? For years the Corps of Engineers has been begging for money to do just that. The amount of money they needed would of amounted to less than a day of funding the war in Iraq.

Where is law and order? Why wasn't martial law declared and troops sent in immediately? There is no acceptable reason why the people at the dome and convention center had to wait so long to be provided with food and water. All it would of taken is some troops to show a presence to maintain order. The same can be said for other areas where the helicopters where scared to land.

All it would of taken is a President that has the balls to act. Not one who sits on his ass on vacation until the last minute, waiting to react. There is a world of difference between acting and reacting.

With acting in advance, lives are saved. People are rescued and taken care of. If the action is not needed it can be chalked up to training and everyone can go home with a smile.

In reacting we get no advance training. Lives are lost. People suffer needlessly. There is no advance planning.

We've known for years that the levees wouldn't hold. We knew well ahead of time that this was going to happen.

I am ashamed today of my government. Its lack of an appropriate response to this storm, shows a total lack of leadership at the highest level. I know he won't be reading this, but Mr. President it is you that has shamed your country in its time of need. President Bush, what were you doing that was so important that you failed to do your job?