Saturday, September 25, 2004

Spreading Fear Through The Church

It's often been my opinion that the religious right spreads needless fear to further it's hidden agenda. Their latest trick must of come straight from the book of satanism itself. To instill fear in people to affect the outcome of an election is getting to be pretty normal in politics today. For a religious organization to do it is un-American.

There is no reason in this world to believe that the liberals want to outlaw the bible. To say that, is just spreading lies so that the religious rights lapdog will be reelected this fall.

To mobilize people to get off their ass and vote is to be commended. For people to vote over the issues at hand is fantastic. That is why we should vote. For the actual issues. The things that we truly care about. To inspire people to vote, the way you want, over bullshit lies is wrong and against the teachings of Christianity.

When a so-called Christian lies, they are not doing the work of God. They are lieing, plane and simple. There is no way to change that fact. No matter how much spin you happen to put on it. If you want to get people out to vote that's fine. If you try to get them to vote the way you want by filling them full of shit, you need to be shot. After that you can spend your time in hell.

Friday, September 24, 2004

The True Cost Of War

Children born with two heads. Adults with various deadly diseases. That is the true cost of the war in Vietnam. The victims of our use of Agent Orange still suffer today. They suffer very hard for our aggressions halfway across the world. Only now are some of them getting anywhere near being compensated. The U.S. government, of course, refuses to discuss compensation for the thousands of lives that it ruined. Instead the survivors, if you can call what they live surviving, of our chemical warfare have to sue the companies involved in the manufacture of the defoliants used.

Once again the government of the United States of America is shirking it's duties. First it fails the veterans of the war and now, thirty years later, fails the civilians and the offspring of the afflicted.

We, as a nation, refuse to take responsibility for our actions throughout the world. Yet we try to hold other nations accountable for crimes they didn't commit. When we can't show that they committed any crimes, we say that the world is better off without them anyway. Hmmm, I'm guessing that a lot of Vietnamese people would of been a hell of a lot better off without us interfering in their internal affairs thirty years ago.

The two faced monster of the United States has been seen by the peoples throughout the world. They don't like what they see and are revolting against it. Don't blame the people from other lands or religions for what's happening in the world today. Look in the mirror and accept responsibility. America is, supposable, governed by a body that is of, for and by the people. That's you...and me. It's our responsibility to keep the government under control. It's our job to stop the government from exploiting people in other lands. It's our duty to make sure that the industries, of this country, take care of the populations where their foreign plants are located.

America has a lot to compensate for. We have a past of exploitation going back to the founding fathers. We need to stop holding other nations accountable for bogus claims and start being responsible for our own actions. The world has shrunk in the last hundred years. We've nowhere else to run.


An Election Where You Can't Vote ????

Violence may limit Iraqi poll'
Rumsfeld has once again said something totally stupid. Holding an election in part of a country is not a national election. We went over there and over-ran their country. 'We' are responsible for ensuring the safety of the Iraqi people. If America is intent on holding a free election, we need to make sure that all Iraqis that choose to can vote. It's as simple as that.

Why should someone who lives in Faluja, and wants to vote, be denied the right, just because we can't secure the area? Either the elections need to be put on hold, or we need to kick some ass. Both ways are going to see a lot of fighting and wounded, crippled and dead.

The security situation should of been handled a long time ago. The army was ready. The marines wanted to kick ass and get the job done. The politicians blinked. They're blinking like crazy right now because the U.S. election is coming and the situation on the ground has gone to shit. Nothing will be done until after the elections. G.W. can't take the chance that he'll lose votes over sending in more troops, or even bringing back the draft.

I've been against the war in Iraq since day one. But I realize that if you're going to win a war, you go in and kick ass and fuck the politics. Bush went in with guns blazing against the wishes of the international community. He's done nothing but back-pedal since. He and his compatriots spew the same vile shit out of their mouths. While at the same time ducking for cover behind any person lower in rank in the political process. He's a terrible businessman and a worse President. I have no idea what the Supreme Court was thinking when they selected this idiot to the position of President of the United States of America.

People throughout America got pissed during the last elections because of hanging/pregnant chad etc. How do you feel they'd react if all of a sudden we told all of Texas they couldn't vote because of the Mexican insurgency? That's what I thought. We'd be up in arms over it. Bush is expecting more violence prior to the elections. Just imagine what it will be like for our troops if he decides that different areas have no right to partake in the so called freedom that we forced down their throats.

There's a village in Texas missing it's idiot. They can find him in the White House.

World Peace

I Feel So Much Safer Now...SHIT

The Department of Homeland Security has once again protected the homeland from foreign infiltration. This time we're being protected from peace activist Cat Stevens. Just when I thought the world needed a little more peace, the government basically steps in and says that we don't. God forbid that peace break out in America. The Pentagon machine would fall flat on its face.

This has got to be one of the biggest slaps in the face to peace activists everywhere. Not to mention another slap to Muslims. Cat converted to Islam and started living for peace. He has donated to charities the world over, and contributed heavily to the 9-11 victims fund. What does this say about America? We'll take your cash, but stay the hell out? The land of the free, give me a break.

Homeland Security says that he gave to charities that have terrorist ties. That may be true. How is a donor supposed to know what a legal charity does with it's money? These charities also provide for the poor in Palestine. Sometimes people give for the good that others do. That makes sense to me. Mohammad Ali is a Muslim. Is he a terrorist also? We better have DHS check to make sure. Then again they probably have. Not only is he Muslim, he's black too. A double whammy in this day and age.

Say I belong to a Southern Baptist Church and donate money to it's charities. Will I be branded a terrorist because several members of the congregation belong to the Klu Klux Klan? After all, I did donate to their charity. Holding people accountable for their actions is one thing. Holding them accountable for the actions of others is Bull-Shit.

The response from the DHS is that they need to tighten the controls even further because Cat got on the plane to start with. Yes, that's what we need to do. Keep all god loving people out of the country. After all, according to the religious right, this country was founded by god fearing people, not god loving. Maybe there is a difference.

To find out more about Cat and his peaceful roll in the world click here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Why Bother?

Why does the CIA even bother to send reports to the president. Once again he is ignoring what they have to say, and continuing with his stupid plans for Iraq. He didn't listen prior to the war. The people he did listen to were discredited by the CIA years earlier. Because they said what he wanted to hear, he listened to them. Now they're being charged with crimes in Iraq.

George W. has got to be the biggest idiot in the world if he thinks that things in Iraq are running according to plan. He's surrounded by 'yes men' and listens to no one else. The people that had the balls at the start of this fiasco have been silenced by the administration. They know that if they step over the line their future in government will be short-lived and they will be denounced by the administration and its cronies.

If the intelligence from the CIA is just a guess, why hasn't he done something about it? He is,after all, the man they ultimately answer to. His constant bad-mouthing of the intelligence agencies shows his inability to lead this country. He is lying to the American people on a daily basis. He and his cronies are only interested in the distribution of power in this country and abroad. To steal a line from the Freeway Blogger, "No one died when Clinton Lied". Yet the radical right chose to try and impeach him. It's time to wake up America. You're going too far down the wrong road.

A Free Country....My Ass

The Smithsonian Institution is opening a new museum today. The National Museum of the American Indian will tell about the histories of the native peoples of America. In some ways I am pleased to see this. It is about time that the stories were told. More important that they be told from a different perspective than what I learned growing up.

In other ways I am saddened by the opening of this museum. Not because it will change the way white America sees it's history, but because so much more needs to be done.
I remember the American Indian Movement of the '60s and '70s. Their suppression by white America and the establishment. I remember seeing The Wounded Knee Occupation on the evening news. At the time I was young and uninformed. I didn't know what was going on. It led me on a journey as a young adult to find out what 'the other side' said. That journey also opened my eyes to the injustices of the American dream.

I make no apologies for what the government has done to the native peoples of this land. That is not my place. I do empathize with the people burdened by an attitude of indifference and a policy of discrimination.

White Americans have been, at the very least, degrading native peoples since they arrived in this land. We killed them like cattle, and when we weren't content with this, herded them hundreds of miles to, what was to them, foreign lands. Since then we have not cared for our brothers and sisters.

Eighty-three percent of Native Americans living on reservations, subsist in substandard housing. This is on top of a high unemployment rate. There is little if any chance of getting a decent education while living on this government controlled lands. This is, and always has been, unacceptable.

These people, our sisters and brothers, need to be given the chance that white America gets. Living conditions of the third world should not be tolerated in this country. The living conditions of the inner city slums are like heaven to these people. Electricity should be abundantly available. The worse discrimination in this country is economic discrimination. With it, nothing is possible. Yet this is what we bestow on our own people.

We are spending billions of dollars to destroy a country in the mid-east. We will spend billions, maybe even trillions, more on rebuilding it. Why, in gods name, can't we spend that money on our own people? We destroyed their culture, murdered their people, raped their women. Why can't we do something decent for a change? Why do we always destroy the one thing that matters most, life?

The National Museum of the American Indian can be a start to undoing the wrongs of the past. That is what it must be though, a start. If things stay as they are, it is just a waste of time and money. If attitudes don't change, and government sponsored discrimination doesn't stop, then it does nothing to ease the burden of a very proud people. Nobody is asking for a handout. What they need is a handup. What they deserve is a very big hand.

If, so called, christians had the honor that these peoples have shown time and time again, the world would be a better place. God bless you all.

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

The level of paranoia in this country is pathetic. Now we're canceling flights because Arabic writing is found on a magazine. Next we're going to be canceling flights because of Korean writing. The western world can't tell the difference between the different oriental languages. So I suppose we'll have to cancel all flights that have scribbling on a magazine that isn't in Americanized English.

This crap is getting out of hand. People need to take a look at what the threat really is. The writing isn't going to hurt anyone. Even if it was some sort of instruction for someone else. Turn the magazine in and get on with the flight. Let someone else figure it out. If it would of been a threat, it would be written in our bastardized English.

Get real people.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Waffle On This

The campaigning in this country, this year is especially bad. Politics have reached a new low in America. The Bush bunch is claiming that Kerry flip-flops on the issues, because he changes his mind. They don't bother stating that with new information, one should change their mind if the situation warrants.

Take Vietnam for example. Kerry went over, did his job and came back to protest the war. Is this un-American? Hell no! He went over there, found out what war was really about, and said this shit sucks. I have more respect for someone that can admit that what they did was screwed up, than for anyone who tried to hide from doing it in the first place. I'm not talking about the draft dodgers and those who protested and never went to 'nam. I'm talking about the little weasels that hid in the National Guard to avoid going. Talk about not taking a stand on an issue.

Kerry stated that American troops committed atrocities in Vietnam. Why is that an issue? It's common fact that Americans did burn villages, rape women and children, kill innocent civilians. Did every American do that? No, and that's not what he said. So where's the problem in that?

I've heard many, and I mean many, Bush supporters state that Bush says something and stands behind it without wavering. There is some truth to that. He does repeat the same line over and over and over again. The problem is that the situation on the ground has changed. He just says the same thing as if nothing has happened. The situation in Iraq is deteriorating, yet he states the same crap. "The world is a safer place because Saddam is gone". How the hell is America, or the world safer ? Heck, it's not even safe in Iraq or Afghanistan. Yet the world is safer?

How many terrorists have been convicted of a crime since 9-11? How many have been released ? The administration made big headlines about the arrests of tons of people. How many are in jail after being convicted? Give me a break. The world is not safer because of anything that Bush and his cronies have done. This is just a power grab in politics and Americans are falling for it like sheep to slaughter.

It's just as well that Bush didn't serve in 'nam. It took him seven minutes to respond to the emergency, when told that America was under attack. I can just see American lives being lost because he's on a CAP flight and has to do a strafing/bombing run because the boys are in the shit. Oh, wait a minute...I have to pull my head out of my ass before I go in...while troops die. I wouldn't want him in the air covering my ass. I surely don't want him representing my country as President.

I saw this cartoon the other day and thought it fit the mold to perfection. Yea, he says the same thing over and over again. What we need is a President that can make decisions in a split second. Someone that understands the true cost of war. A person that's not scared to change his mind when new information is made available. Not someone who makes up his mind at the start and won't waver from that decision.

What America needs for President is a MAN, not a spineless wimp bitch of a man.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

How Safe Is The Food Supply?

There has been a lot of talk, in recent years, about protecting the food supply from poisoning by terrorists. This was proven somewhat possible by a religious group several years ago in a small town in Oregon. I believe our money and fears are pointed in the wrong direction. The food supply is not safe to begin with. Every year there are recalls on products in the food supply. Probably the most frequent recall is for ground beef.

Ground beef is a special case because of the ease in which bacteria proliferate and thus poison those who eat it. It is one of the most common causes of food poisoning. This wouldn't be a problem if all ground beef was cooked to a temperature that killed the bacteria. We all know however that very few people or restaurants are going to check the temperature of every hamburger etc.

What makes the problem more severe however is the supply chain from feedlot to consumer. The supply chain has become so efficient that the product is sold before the recalls go out. This is not near as unusual as people believe. In the case cited in the article, the meat was processed more than two weeks before the company initiated a recall. This meat was sold in several states at both the restaurant and retail levels. This is totally unacceptable reporting.

These recalls need to be initiated before the consumer has a chance to buy the product. It doesn't matter whether it's a hamburger at a restaurant or at the local grocer. How many people even hear about these recalls? It might be a blurb on the evening news, or be on page seven of the local paper. What it is not, is news. Not until several people have died, or several hundred become ill from eating it.

Worrying about terrorist attacks on the food supply is a waste of time if we cannot even guarantee that the normal supply of food is safe. This was a 'Class I' recall which carries a high risk of illness or death. Yet nothing is said on the news.

The producers and government need to do a better job of keeping the public informed. They also need to design quicker tests for food products. Our safety is in their hands, yet once again they fail us. It does no good for a recall to go out on a product, if your son or daughter is lying in the morgue before the recall is initiated.