Monday, September 20, 2004

Waffle On This

The campaigning in this country, this year is especially bad. Politics have reached a new low in America. The Bush bunch is claiming that Kerry flip-flops on the issues, because he changes his mind. They don't bother stating that with new information, one should change their mind if the situation warrants.

Take Vietnam for example. Kerry went over, did his job and came back to protest the war. Is this un-American? Hell no! He went over there, found out what war was really about, and said this shit sucks. I have more respect for someone that can admit that what they did was screwed up, than for anyone who tried to hide from doing it in the first place. I'm not talking about the draft dodgers and those who protested and never went to 'nam. I'm talking about the little weasels that hid in the National Guard to avoid going. Talk about not taking a stand on an issue.

Kerry stated that American troops committed atrocities in Vietnam. Why is that an issue? It's common fact that Americans did burn villages, rape women and children, kill innocent civilians. Did every American do that? No, and that's not what he said. So where's the problem in that?

I've heard many, and I mean many, Bush supporters state that Bush says something and stands behind it without wavering. There is some truth to that. He does repeat the same line over and over and over again. The problem is that the situation on the ground has changed. He just says the same thing as if nothing has happened. The situation in Iraq is deteriorating, yet he states the same crap. "The world is a safer place because Saddam is gone". How the hell is America, or the world safer ? Heck, it's not even safe in Iraq or Afghanistan. Yet the world is safer?

How many terrorists have been convicted of a crime since 9-11? How many have been released ? The administration made big headlines about the arrests of tons of people. How many are in jail after being convicted? Give me a break. The world is not safer because of anything that Bush and his cronies have done. This is just a power grab in politics and Americans are falling for it like sheep to slaughter.

It's just as well that Bush didn't serve in 'nam. It took him seven minutes to respond to the emergency, when told that America was under attack. I can just see American lives being lost because he's on a CAP flight and has to do a strafing/bombing run because the boys are in the shit. Oh, wait a minute...I have to pull my head out of my ass before I go in...while troops die. I wouldn't want him in the air covering my ass. I surely don't want him representing my country as President.

I saw this cartoon the other day and thought it fit the mold to perfection. Yea, he says the same thing over and over again. What we need is a President that can make decisions in a split second. Someone that understands the true cost of war. A person that's not scared to change his mind when new information is made available. Not someone who makes up his mind at the start and won't waver from that decision.

What America needs for President is a MAN, not a spineless wimp bitch of a man.


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