Friday, September 24, 2004

The True Cost Of War

Children born with two heads. Adults with various deadly diseases. That is the true cost of the war in Vietnam. The victims of our use of Agent Orange still suffer today. They suffer very hard for our aggressions halfway across the world. Only now are some of them getting anywhere near being compensated. The U.S. government, of course, refuses to discuss compensation for the thousands of lives that it ruined. Instead the survivors, if you can call what they live surviving, of our chemical warfare have to sue the companies involved in the manufacture of the defoliants used.

Once again the government of the United States of America is shirking it's duties. First it fails the veterans of the war and now, thirty years later, fails the civilians and the offspring of the afflicted.

We, as a nation, refuse to take responsibility for our actions throughout the world. Yet we try to hold other nations accountable for crimes they didn't commit. When we can't show that they committed any crimes, we say that the world is better off without them anyway. Hmmm, I'm guessing that a lot of Vietnamese people would of been a hell of a lot better off without us interfering in their internal affairs thirty years ago.

The two faced monster of the United States has been seen by the peoples throughout the world. They don't like what they see and are revolting against it. Don't blame the people from other lands or religions for what's happening in the world today. Look in the mirror and accept responsibility. America is, supposable, governed by a body that is of, for and by the people. That's you...and me. It's our responsibility to keep the government under control. It's our job to stop the government from exploiting people in other lands. It's our duty to make sure that the industries, of this country, take care of the populations where their foreign plants are located.

America has a lot to compensate for. We have a past of exploitation going back to the founding fathers. We need to stop holding other nations accountable for bogus claims and start being responsible for our own actions. The world has shrunk in the last hundred years. We've nowhere else to run.



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