Friday, September 24, 2004

An Election Where You Can't Vote ????

Violence may limit Iraqi poll'
Rumsfeld has once again said something totally stupid. Holding an election in part of a country is not a national election. We went over there and over-ran their country. 'We' are responsible for ensuring the safety of the Iraqi people. If America is intent on holding a free election, we need to make sure that all Iraqis that choose to can vote. It's as simple as that.

Why should someone who lives in Faluja, and wants to vote, be denied the right, just because we can't secure the area? Either the elections need to be put on hold, or we need to kick some ass. Both ways are going to see a lot of fighting and wounded, crippled and dead.

The security situation should of been handled a long time ago. The army was ready. The marines wanted to kick ass and get the job done. The politicians blinked. They're blinking like crazy right now because the U.S. election is coming and the situation on the ground has gone to shit. Nothing will be done until after the elections. G.W. can't take the chance that he'll lose votes over sending in more troops, or even bringing back the draft.

I've been against the war in Iraq since day one. But I realize that if you're going to win a war, you go in and kick ass and fuck the politics. Bush went in with guns blazing against the wishes of the international community. He's done nothing but back-pedal since. He and his compatriots spew the same vile shit out of their mouths. While at the same time ducking for cover behind any person lower in rank in the political process. He's a terrible businessman and a worse President. I have no idea what the Supreme Court was thinking when they selected this idiot to the position of President of the United States of America.

People throughout America got pissed during the last elections because of hanging/pregnant chad etc. How do you feel they'd react if all of a sudden we told all of Texas they couldn't vote because of the Mexican insurgency? That's what I thought. We'd be up in arms over it. Bush is expecting more violence prior to the elections. Just imagine what it will be like for our troops if he decides that different areas have no right to partake in the so called freedom that we forced down their throats.

There's a village in Texas missing it's idiot. They can find him in the White House.

World Peace


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