Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Why Bother?

Why does the CIA even bother to send reports to the president. Once again he is ignoring what they have to say, and continuing with his stupid plans for Iraq. He didn't listen prior to the war. The people he did listen to were discredited by the CIA years earlier. Because they said what he wanted to hear, he listened to them. Now they're being charged with crimes in Iraq.

George W. has got to be the biggest idiot in the world if he thinks that things in Iraq are running according to plan. He's surrounded by 'yes men' and listens to no one else. The people that had the balls at the start of this fiasco have been silenced by the administration. They know that if they step over the line their future in government will be short-lived and they will be denounced by the administration and its cronies.

If the intelligence from the CIA is just a guess, why hasn't he done something about it? He is,after all, the man they ultimately answer to. His constant bad-mouthing of the intelligence agencies shows his inability to lead this country. He is lying to the American people on a daily basis. He and his cronies are only interested in the distribution of power in this country and abroad. To steal a line from the Freeway Blogger, "No one died when Clinton Lied". Yet the radical right chose to try and impeach him. It's time to wake up America. You're going too far down the wrong road.


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