Friday, July 01, 2005

Maybe it's me.

It seems as if every day I hear of people doing stranger things than what I would even imagine. Some of these people, I am sure, are not quite all there. Others could best be described as totally off their rocker. Once in a while I read of someone that's a totally sick bastard. The woman in the linked article, to me, is just plain old stupid.

Who in, or anywhere close to, their right mind has a permanent tattoo of a casino placed on their forehead? Don't get me wrong. Tattoos are fine, if you're into that kind of thing. Want one on your face? Hey, I don't have to run around with it for the next fifty years. What do I care? It's your face.

If you feel the need to advertise for a company, wear a t-shirt. Want to get paid for it so that you can send your kid to school? Have them paint your car. Have a sudden desire to make an ass of yourself in public and maybe get a few bucks for the pleasure? Enter a wet t-shirt contest. Mad desire to be a blooming idiot? Have a casinos name tattooed on your forehead.

In days gone by, I couldn't get drunk/stoned enough to do something this stupid. And before you ask, yes. I have consumed and I did inhale. No, I didn't get anything tattooed to my head.

I mean, after all the novelty wears off this has got to be somewhat humiliating. That assumes that being a novelty item is a good thing.

By the way. What's the kid supposed to say? That he went to school on the 'my mom's the retard that had her face tattooed with a casinos name college plan'?

I don't know. Maybe it is me.


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