Monday, September 13, 2004

And You Thought Your Life Sucked

I know, I thought mine did. Reading this article I was reminded of why people come to this country. The reasons why they've been coming for 200+ years. All they want is a better life or an education. Heck, maybe even both.

We constantly try to close our borders to people from other lands. Who does this benefit? There is an argument to be made, that it protects those who are already here. I find less truth in that argument today, than what I used to. Outsourcing has reached a new high, yet we still try to keep others out. Our jobs and quality of life are no longer protected by closing the borders.

It is the living and working conditions of the worlds poor that lead to acts of terrorism. The have nots will always try to take away from those that have. Think about it. What are the real reasons behind social security, unemployment compensation, and welfare? If you really think that it's to take care of the needy, you're blind. The reasons are simple. If the government gives me barely enough to exist on, I am less likely to revolt against that government. The haves don't want the have nots to take away their riches. They'd rather pay out a little now (or better yet put it on the back of the middle class) than pay a lot later.

We do the same things with other countries. Feed them enough so that they become dependent on us, and then let them know how grateful they should be. People throughout the world are starting to see the truth behind what we do. They are starting to revolt, and terrorism is a part of that.

People shouldn't have to start their working lives at 4 years of age to help feed their family. Companies like Microsoft brag when they give away a couple million dollars. Microsoft's war chest is billions of dollars. Where's the charity in handing out peanuts? It makes great advertising copy, but doesn't really help the world. On the flip side of that coin. If they have so much money, why won't they lower the price of their products? The only answer I can come up with is corporate greed. When you make more money than you can possibly spend, money becomes nothing more than a way to keep score. I say hand out the bucks to those who need it and keep score by the number of people you help. That's a more humane way of dealing with the underlying issues of war, poverty and terrorism.

I'd like a little PEACE today


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