Thursday, September 09, 2004

Biblethumpers Suck !!!

I thought I'd seen, or at least heard, everything about religious nutcases. The teachings in the Christian bible have been used to keep people enslaved, start wars, murder others, and condemn acts that can save a womans life. The list goes on and on, probably into infinity. I'm not sure that the things that have been done in the name of Jesus Christ or god are what the writers of the bible intended. I tend to believe that the teachings are of love, peace, mutual respect, and common sense.

The hatred I see in the eyes and voices of a lot of Christian zealots (the president included) leads me to believe that some of them don't exactly get the message. Be like us or you'll be damned to hell. Sorry folks, but listening to your propaganda bullshit IS hell. That leaves out the love.

Our country (supposedly Christian) is at war. We as a people are killing people and having our own sons and daughters killed in a far off land that was no threat to us. We were led to this by so called Christians, for the good of the world. Sounds like a crusade to me, was called one by G.W., that takes away the peace.

The country is split in half (almost evenly) between the main political parties. For the most part, they show no respect for each other. Maybe I'm confused though and the V.P. of this fine Christian country telling an elected official to fuck off is a sign of respect.

That leaves us with common sense. Follow the link to 'Wired News' and read the 'Parents, Don't Try This At Home' article. I don't know how much longer it will be up. I guess that just because someone can read, it doesn't mean that they have any intelligence.


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