Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Brooke, You Make Me Laugh

You obviously believe what you see on television. We have done nothing to end the suffering in Iraq. The fact of the matter is that we have increased it severely. I can speak from experience. From where do you speak? I've seen war up close and personal. Where have you seen it from? How many innocent civilians have we killed? That's right, we don't count civilians. They don't count to us. Do you think that smart bombs only kill the bad guys? Explosives, no matter how smart the aiming mechanism, blow up and maim and kill whomever is around. They do not discriminate. It's very easy for us to say that a smart bomb killed 15 insurgents. We just count all the dead as insurgents. I believe that they're called freedom fighters over there. I wonder why that is?

The oppressed people in the Sudan are begging for help. The only thing people want in Iraq, is us out. Sure, they were glad to see Saddam go. Now they want us to do the same. Look at the history of the region. The French couldn't keep it. Neither could the British. We can't either. All we're trying to do is put in a puppet government. Why do you think other countries get upset at our C.I.A.s involvement?

The reasons we were given and the reasons for going over are as different as night and day. WMD's, where are they? Supposable we knew exactly where they were. Well? Gassing the Kurds? We gave him the friggin' gas. Ask Rumsfeld and Cheney. We did it when he was at war with Iran. Which was after our puppet, the Shah, got booted out of there. I was around then. Where were you? I was in the middle of the shit. What were you doing?

In case you're wanting to use the fact that Saddam didn't honor the U.N. resolutions as a reason for going to war. You should look at the number of U.N. resolutions that Israel has refused to honor. What makes Israel so much more important to us than the Arabs? I'll answer that for you. Israel is a proxy for the U.S. They do the dirty work for us when we don't want to be seen doing it. They ARE NOT a stabilizing factor in the Middle East. As a matter of fact a majority of the problems over there are because of Israel. Remember we kicked the owners of the land out in the late forties. If you don't believe that Israel is a puppet, then why do they buy our aircraft and ordnance and pay for it with your tax dollars? That's right your tax dollars.

Sorry honey, but you need to wake up and smell the manure. Fact: Osama and Iraq had no connection. It's not even remotely feasible. Fact: WE trained Osama. We taught him well. Fact: Iraq was contained before we invaded. We've opened a hornets nest throughout the world. Fact: Standing in line at the airport does not make you safer. It makes you a sitting duck. Fact: Terrorist are winning the war. Look how paranoid America has become. Look how much money is being wasted on things that make people FEEL secure. Fact: Saddam attempted to have Bush #1 assassinated. The real reason for going over. Fact: Bush #1 was smart enough to stop at the border. He knew what kind of shit he'd be getting into. Fact: G.W. is the black sheep of the family. See what I did daddy. See what I did daddy. The second reason for going.

John Kerry is a war hero. Bush was at the very least AWOL possibly a deserter. He's also an idiot that's nothing more than a stooge for the neocons. The agenda for the neocons is to rule the damn world and to restrict your rights as an American.

You can thank me later for defending your rights to speak your piece, and to give you a decent country to grow up in. It's too bad you're throwing it all away.


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