Sunday, September 12, 2004

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

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Technology has changed our lives in so many ways. Most of these have been for the better. We have more fuel efficient cars. Houses that have practically become at home theaters. Numerous other benefits that I'm not going to mention at the moment.

My question is this. Why do we feel the need to be entertained in the friggin' car? Wouldn't it just be simpler, and safer, to wait to watch the movie until we got home? A more fuel efficient, safer car with a decent audio system, and maybe onboard navigation should suffice. Why do we need to watch movies while driving? Already people are being pulled over for watching porn while on the road. It's totally nuts.

I can understand a car warning someone that the tire pressure is dangerously low. An audio system is practically required, to drown out noise in the city, to prevent boredom on long trips. I've ridden many a long mile on a motorcycle though and was quite content to sing to myself. Hmmmm, that's what we used to do on long, cross country family trips as well. It was a family activity, along the lines of being the first to spot out of state license plates etc.

Today we would rather ignore each other though. Everyone with their own Ipod, or better yet there own movie to watch. That way we won't even have to bother looking at each other. Is it really, and I mean really, necessary to have a DVD player in the family sedan/minivan? I don't think so.

There is too much emphasis in this country on everyone doing there own thing, all the time. The family needs to spend time together. Sure, there'll be arguments over which song to sing. They won't be any worse than the argument over who gets to watch which movie when though. Besides the driver won't be distracted by the soundtrack or the screen. Everyone knows that a movie soundtrack draws your eyes to the screen so that you can see what's happening. It's only natural.

Movies and the internet don't belong in a vehicle. They should be saved for the home and the hotel room where no ones life is on the line. People have a hard enough time trying to talk on the phone and drive at the same time. Why on earth should they be even further distracted? It's not just the lives of the people in the car with the movie that are affected. Every other car on the road and every person on the street has the chance of having someone killed or maimed by the distraction in that one vehicle.

I've got a particular point on this because I know what it feels like to be hit by a vehicle. I know how having my spine crushed has changed my life. When driving, your mind should be on the task at hand. You're piloting 3,000+ pounds of lethal weaponry. Save your kids life. Wait for the flick until you get home.

Peace....It isn't just for hippies anymore.


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