Friday, September 10, 2004

The Eyes Have It

America, the new surveillance society. Why do third rate politicians feel the need to spy on their fellow citizens. They say the installation of surveillance cameras is to reduce crime, or to respond faster when a crime does occur.

Hogwash!! Security cameras have been used in Great Britain for years, to no known beneficial effect to the populace at large. Criminals see the cameras and just move their drug dealings and muggings around the corner. Is crime reduced? NO! Is crime moved? Yes, but what good does that do.

The powers that be used facial recognition cameras at the Super Bowl and in the city of Tampa Bay, Florida. Did any criminals get caught? NO! Did everyday citizens get harassed by law enforcement due to false positives? YES.

The current administration wanted to set up a network where utility employees would notify the government of any questionable doings by customers on their routes. Am I to have faith in a system that would have me questioned by authorities just because the meter reader reports me for bogus questionable activities because my son got his daughter (the town slut) pregnant and wants nothing to do with her now.

The surveillance society doesn't work. Look at the problems created in East Germany during, and after, the cold war. When government spies on the people, the people will eventually revolt. When the government keeps too many items secret, the people will find out.

The money being spent, on moving crime around the corner, would be put to better use for taking care of the poor, the homeless, the sick and infirmed. A better cause would be job training for those willing to work, rehabilitation for the moderately disabled, childcare for single mothers. The list once again goes on and on.

America has enough challenges to overcome without wasting millions (billions?) of taxpayer dollars on inefficient pseudo-security systems that do nothing more than give the citizens a false sense of security. The answer isn't in fighting crime, or even terrorism, but in removing the root causes of them. Mainly poverty and a lack of trust in higher authority.


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