Thursday, September 16, 2004

Is This The Country I Fought For?

I've been getting more and more upset at the political right in this country. It seems as if they have no greater desire than to restrict the rights of the citizenry. Lately they've been getting even more blatant in their actions against free speech in their desire to dominate.

I was upset when Whoopi got fired by Slim-Fast. Not because it was Whoopi that got fired. Hell I could care less about that, or her for that matter. No, it was because an American citizen got fired for speaking her mind at a political rally. Because it went against the feelings of the corporation, she lost her job. I was upset about this enough that I wrote to the company. They sent me back a lame letter saying that they had received complaints about what she said, so they fired her. Wouldn't it of been more American to say that she has the right to speak her mind in this country, instead of firing her?

That was just the start. In Frederick, Maryland, Glen Hiller was fired for speaking out, at a political rally, against the current president. Apparently we are not allowed to voice our opinion in this country. The reasons given were basically the same as for the Whoopi incident. He embarrassed our company so we fired him. Am I living in the United States of America or the Soviet Union. It's getting harder to tell the difference. I wrote to Mr. Hillers employer, but got no response at all.

No, that's not the end of it folks. Nicole and Jeff Rank were arrested for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts to a Bush rally in Charleston, West Virginia. Are these the type of actions that we want our government to take when we practice our constitutional rights? I think not.

Last but not least. Lynne Gobbell was fired from her job because she had a Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker on her car. She was told by her manager that she could either work for the company or work for Kerry. She was hired by the Kerry campaign, but that doesn't alleviate the injustice that she was dealt.

This is America people. We are supposed to be able to speak our minds about the candidates that are running for office. I won't go as far as to say that the president is encouraging these acts of voter discrimination. He sure as hell hasn't tried to put a stop to it though. This is a step back to the '60s when blacks were 'discouraged' from voting. It may not be as violent or to the same extent, but the results are the same. A discouraged populace. These actions have to be stopped, they are un-American in act and deed.

To answer my own question. No, this is not the America that I or many others fought for. At least we didn't think so at the time. I, for one, am saddened at the loss of personal liberties in this country and by this administration.


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