Saturday, September 11, 2004

A One Way Society

The agency that owns the W.T.C. site is suing the government of Saudi Arabia. Somehow, we as a society, feel that we can sue whomever we please for whatever reason we can dream up. Were the terrorists responsible sanctioned by the Saudi government? Other people and organizations have sued, or are in the process of suing, them also. As well as other government bodies that were, at the most, remotely involved by allowing others to travel through their country etc.

Let's get real here people, if that's the case then why aren't the Canadian and U.S. governments being sued as well. After all to get on an airplane in the United States, a government employee would have to allow you access into the country. Next thing you know, the government will be getting sued for someone getting accidentally run over by an illegal Mexican because the government failed to stop him/her at the border. No offense intended towards Mexican people, open the fuckin' border.

If we're going to be so adamant about suing others, maybe we should clear our own conscience first. To the innocent civilians and their families in Iraq and Afghanistan, we can offer compensation that is proportional to what their value is to their family and society, instead of the paltry sum that we offer now. The people of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos should be offered something more than the total disregard for their suffering, that the United States of America has bestowed upon them so far, for the dumping of tons of Agent Orange on the people and the environment of their countries. No, we say. Instead they have spent the last thirty years fighting a system that they don't understand, and would rather of not met in the first place.

In most small towns, and all cities, there are street signs that say "One Way". That sign pretty much says it all when it comes to American society. We want people to show us compassion and empathy, yet we refuse as a nation to do the same to others.

Peace Out


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