Monday, September 13, 2004

A Pre-emptive Hell

AP News - from Tampa Bay Online
Russia has just joined the list of nations that claim the 'right' to engage in pre-emptive warfare. This was recently started by the United States with the attacking of Iraq. I say 'recently' because Japan and Germany used the technique during World War 2. The people that were attacked, namely the United States, Europe and Russia fought back and kicked some serious butt. Is this the way that the world will eventually respond to us?

I in no way support terrorist activities, no matter where they take place. I take no pleasure in hearing of innocent death for someones distorted cause. In my blessed opinion, pre-emptive warfare is nothing more than state-sponsored terrorism. We are taking innocent lives for our cause. Just like no person has the 'right' to kill another. No nation has the 'right' to offensively attack another sovereign nation. That is why the world came up with the United Nations and before that the League of Nations. The League of Nations fell by the wayside with World War 2. It looks like the United Nations is going the same way.

These organizations don't fall apart of their own doing. They crumble because of countries going outside of them to solve their problems. When sovereign nations fail to follow the rules, of a society that they set up, chaos follows. Suppression of weak nations by the strong. Financial enslavement of poor countries by the rich. We've seen it all before.

If American society was to follow the lead of our nations leaders, there would be bloodshed in the streets. I could pre-emptively attack my neighbor because he's mad at me and I fear him running me over with his SUV. So, I blow him away with my 12 gauge. All the while claiming my 'right' to protect myself by killing him first.

Murder is murder. Whether it's done on a one to one level, by an act of terrorism, or by using this new found 'right' of pre-emptive warfare. The worlds going to hell in a handbasket, and no one seems to care.

There's no blame to be put on the soldiers, sailors, airmen or marines. They will protect us when the nation is under threat. That is a given that is greatly appreciated by this former sailor. Just as I protected this country in the past. They are protecting my right to write this. The fault is with the leaders of the country, who find personal strength in the misuse of our armed forces. Just because someone is willing to put their life on the line for this country, is no reason to have them do so. A life is a too precious to waste on failed politics. Politicians fail when they send our men and women to war.

There is no easy way out in the so called "War on Terrorism". It will take decades to root out the evil that is behind it. It will take longer to cure the ills of global society that cause it. We could start by treating each other with the respect that we would like them to show us. Does it really matter that someone else prays to a different god. Should I really be offended because another person has a different skin color than myself. This is where it all starts, with the basics of intolerance. For a country that considers itself the mixing pot of the world, we seem repulsed by the thought of a few extra ingredients.

PEACE--ya gotta have it


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