Thursday, September 09, 2004

Who really gives a damn??

The world is at war. There are people starving on every continent. The poor can't get the medical attention they need in the richest country on earth. Yet a dippy, big titted blonde is on billboards because she's boycotting KFC. Who cares if she boycotts or not.....SHE DOESN'T EAT THERE. The bitch is rich. Why in gods name would she boycott KFC?
I'm not saying that KFC is the friendliest place for a chicken to grow up. Far from it in fact. I just don't understand why these rich people feel the need to put there face on everything that crosses there path. I'd be much more impressed with PETA if they got twenty people, that eat at KFC on a weekly basis, to boycott the place.
I further don't understand why PETA would want to put a rich bitch on it's billboards. Does the billboard get attention? Sure it does, she's got big tits. Does it get the message across? NO.....She's got BIG TITS. Damn wake up America.


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