Sunday, September 12, 2004

You Have To Do More Than WATCH - Poll: Americans say they're careful eaters - Sep 10, 2004
Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese according to the government. Yet sixty-nine percent say that they watch what they eat.

HELLO PEOPLE! Watching what you eat won't get the job done. You have to change either the type or amount of food you eat to lose weight. A pound of fat contains approximately 3,500 calories. To maintain your weight you eat the same amount of calories as you expend. It's simple math folks, 1+1=2. Add it up.

Let's say I want to lose a pound of excess weight a week. All I have to do is eat 500 less calories than what I use up doing whatever it is I do everyday. If I want to lose two pounds a week, I double that to 1,000. What in gods name is so hard about that. Gee, I can even eat the same amount of foods, by changing some of the things I eat. That's right chubby, drop the Whopper and have an apple.

If I don't want to change my intake I can burn more calories, by actually getting off my fat ass and exercising. Has anyone, besides fitness freaks and the elderly, ever heard of walking? How about riding a bicycle? Heck, you can even walk the two blocks to the convenience store to get your pack of smokes or six-pack. That's four blocks round trip.

Walking and cycling wouldn't only benefit you. It could improve the quality of the air you and your neighbors breath. Not to mention the fact of less oil and gas being imported from the extremely, especially now, volatile mid-east. The whole planet could benefit from your losing a couple of pounds a week.

I've always thought it ironic that Americans will climb in their cars to go anywhere and everywhere. Drive to work. Drive to school. Drive to the health club. To the health club? You betcha. The health club that you spend hundreds of dollars a year to attend, you drive to. Why not drop a grand on a good bicycle, commute to work, and say to hell with the health club. So we waste good money, pollute the air, and waste a natural resource, just so we can go to a health club to burn off a few calories. We waste more calories in fuel than what we'll burn off at the health club.

It really is simple math folks. We all learned it in the first grade, if not before. There are no magic formulas that we have to learn. No long or short division or multiplication. Just simple addition and subtraction. We don't need to run twenty miles a week or schedule liposuction surgery. All we have to do is get GET OFF OUR COLLECTIVE ASS.

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