Tuesday, July 19, 2005

At What Cost?!

What is the real cost of the U.S. war in Iraq? We probably won't ever know.

We know that it's costing the taxpayers of America billions of dollars. How many of these billions could of been spent at home, or on humanitarian issues abroad, instead of on killing?

Over 1,700 U.S. troops have been killed. Many more have had their bodies mutilated. Was there not a better use for these men and women, other than being used as cannon fodder?

Do their families really support the war? Or, as is often the case, do they feel the need to support the cause, so that their sons/daughters life will have some meaning? It is, after all, difficult to explain away a loved ones life for a worthless cause. It's just as hard to look someone in the eye and tell them that they lost their arm, leg, or mind for nothing.

What is the cost to the civilian populace of Iraq? How many children are going to grow up without a mother or father? Are you going to raise that child? No. Is President Bush going to? Yea, right.

How many parents are going to grow up without their son or daughter? Not because they fought on one side or the other. More because they were collateral damage. An acceptable cost of war. Acceptable to whome?

How many billions of dollars in damage has the United States done to the houses, apartments, shops, and factories in Iraq? We'll never know.

How much hate has been instilled into the minds of people everywhere because of this war? Not just those who now hate the United States. But those of us here in America. You know them. We all do. The people that hate you because you're for the war, or against it.

How many Muslims feel as if they're being watched, by everyone? Can they ever feel that they can relax, if they feel watched? Do they wonder if I'm going to attack them because of the hatred elsewhere? Am I looked upon with suspician when they see me drive by, or walk down the street?

What is the number of non-Muslims that are suspicious of people of middle eastern decent?

This war has cost us more than we'll ever be able to come to terms with. Yes we can count the numbers. Or not. Since the United States doesn't believe that Iraqi lives are worth counting.

The cost of raising children without a parent. The price to the productivity of the disabled. The charge to our constitutionaly guaranteed rights and freedoms. What is the total of these?

It's one hell of a price. One hell of a price.


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