Friday, July 15, 2005

Harry Potter and the HIV

This is nothing more than a quick thought while listening, for the thousandth time, to the hooplah preceeding the release of the latest Harry Potter book.

I'm using HIV in the title but any disease or cause could be used. If the media would get behind a cause or the treatment of a disease. If the people that saw that media blitz would turn out in the same numbers, and spend the same amount of money per individual. Any number of treatments or causes could be funded.

Hunger could be eliminated in some countries. Diseases could be eradicated in another. Children could be clothed or even schooled. WOW, what a concept that would be, schooling the children.

No, instead the world will spend millions on a fairy tale book, that brings smiles to the faces of publishers/printers everywhere.

No sense in actually doing some good in the real world. Might as well just chop down some unneeded trees and throw some money into some rich persons pocket so that we can live in fantasyland.

Captitalism, gotta love it.


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