Sunday, July 10, 2005

I am amazed

It amazes me at the difference in responses between bombings in different parts of the world.

Everyone in the developed world knows that London was hit with a terrorist attack. It made the papers and special news reports all over Europe and North America.

How many special news reports have interrupted my day about bomb blasts in Turkey today? None.

I don't ask why, to belittle the victims in London. I just can't come to any concensus on why terrorism in the industrialized countries is more important than elsewhere. Are the lives at stake more valuable in Europe and the U.S. than Eastern Europe and Asia?

Turkey is trying to enter the European Union. They are an important ally in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In fact, they are the only Muslim member of N.A.T.O. Yet we treat them as second class citizens of the world.

The bombings in Turkey and elsewhere, as well as the loss of life and permanant injuries, are just as important and news-worthy as those in the Europe.

The bombings are all done for political gain. To alter the minds of the populace. To spread fear and intimidation. That the British get on with their lives the next day is a wonderful show of will and determination. Yet, no more so than the determination of the Turks who do the same.

That we value one life over another because of where they life in the world is to me, well, sadly amazing.



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