Saturday, July 16, 2005

Meth Coppin' Cop

The use/abuse of methamphetamine has hit catastrophic proportions. It is the biggest drug problem in a large part of the United States, mainly in rural areas.

When the people that the citizens employ to uphold the laws of the land, break those laws, we get upset. When they get popped for coppin' meth we should get vocal, very vocal.

Meth is one of the worst drugs when it comes to ruining peoples lives. They will do anything to get more.

Officer Michael J. Stephenson of the Madill Police Department in Madill, Oklahoma was a trusted servant of the people. He was allowed to carry a loaded firearm. He was caught buying meth while stoned.

Who knows where this would of led if he hadn't been caught. Stoned cop responding to a call, driving at high speed in a 3,000lb+ weapon we call a cruiser? Flipped out cop shooting people with his service weapon? Someone getting away with a serious crime because they 'had the dope' on an unsavory officer of the law? Police officer playing 'enforcer' for his dealer? We don't know.

What we do know, is that he got caught coppin' his drug of choice. He was video-taped by undercover officers. He has been suspended 'with' pay pending trial.

I think that when law enforcement blatantly steps outside the law, as in this case, the suspension should be without pay. Why should the taxpayers of Madill, Oklahoma pay for his next fix?

Sure, give him a fair trial. Don't pay him until he goes before the judge though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is completely wrong.
My husband is currently serving time in the Marshall County jail, (in Madill) Not for Meth He was not able to earn money while waiting for a trial. He was in jail awaiting a trial. I know he's not an officer of the law, Apparently they get special treatment. As a former Madill resident I am completely disappointed in their whole legal system. They let Meth dealers and users run the streets put pot smokers are put in jail.

1:22 AM  
Blogger DILLIGAF ? said...

It's the same in every small town that I've lived in. The local yokels get treated like demi-gods, while the citizens gets treated like crap because they smoke some herb.

I know that some of those running around are narcs for the law, but if they wanted to they could clean up the streets of the people that are a threat to society and leave those that don't bother anyone alone.

Of course then they wouldn't be getting as much funding for their 'war' on drugs.

4:50 AM  

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