Friday, July 15, 2005

Toxic from Birth

A recent study has shown that babies are born with toxic chemicals in their bloodstream.

When lead was found to cause health problems it was removed from paints and gasoline. It, of course, took years of fighting to get that to happen.

The same was done with asbestos, after it was shown to have serious health effects. The same fight is going on right now over oxidizers for fuel.

What do you do when the children are born with toxic chemicals in their system though? It's too late to do anything. They are already screwed.

If being around these chemicals as an adult causes cancer, etc. What affect will it have on the development of the children? I'm scared to know the answer to that question.

The chemicals in the blood of the children included pesticides, fire retardants, PFOA (used in Teflon), and mercury. There is an average of 287 different toxic chemicals in the blood of these newborns. Any of these chemicals alone is bad enough. The way that these toxic cocktails will react in these children cannot be calculated.

I can't believe that our way of life is sufficiently important for us to give birth to kids that are walking toxic waste dumps.


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