Thursday, July 28, 2005

Treatment with Dignity...NOT

Mental health hospitals in California seem to believe that they don't have to treat their patients with respect, or appropriate medical care.

Several hospitals have been under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for abuse of patients. They are also being accused of obstructing the investigations.

To me, the people that need the most care in life are children and the disabled. There is no excuse for abusing a mental patient. It is even a larger monstrosity when the abuse is taking place at a mental health facility.

If this type of behavior is acceptable in a hospital, is it no wonder that we have the type of behaviors that we do in open society?

When hospitals dope up patients so that they are easier to control, instead of increasing staffing, there is a serious problem.

When hospitals try to obstruct federal investigations of their acts, they know they did wrong. They can't hide behind the excuse that the investigation was taking up too much of their time.

Hell, they're giving patients twice the meds they're supposed to get just to keep them mellow be mellow too. Probably too damn mellow.

That's not the way to 'treat' someone though.

These people aren't placed in a mental hospital to give the staff something to do in their spare time. It's their job to treat these people. I would also hope that it is something that they felt called to do for the benefit of mankind. Sadly, that doesn't seem the case in California.


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