Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Who Cares?

Where is the aid that Niger needs? The United Nations is stating that the developed world is ignoring the food crisis.

Children are dying of starvation. Some are so bad off, that when given food, they can't keep it down.

Where are all the agencies that I see begging for dollars on the television? If they are there, why can't they help? Is it because of you? Have you given today?

Why is the 'civilized' world so willing to spend billions upon billions for war? Yet we don't help the people that need it the most.

America alone spends ~400 billion a year on its military according to the World Bank. Does it really need to let innocent children slowly suffer until death to do so? The United States spends less per capita on aid than any other developed nation. I guess it doesn't matter that the leader of the free world and the Congress of the United States is run by so called Christians.

Maybe I missed something in church though. This might be the new Christian dogma. If you can't convert them, starve them. It's not enough that we refuse them aid unless they teach that abstinence is the best policy against AIDS. Now we kill them slowly by not sending food to a starving populace.

Only one in ten of the people in Niger are receiving aid. Some are hundreds of miles from help. Wandering around, lost to the world.

For a lot of the people, it is too late. They are already dead. Breathing but dead. Help won't arrive in time. It is up to you to ensure that the rest get the assistance that they need. YOU!

No person on earth is as important as you are in stopping this atrocity. Send your money. Start a fund raiser. Talk to and write the people in power who can send the help needed. Do it now. Not tomorrow, NOW!

I don't buy Nike products. I do feel the need to steal their slogan though.



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