Monday, October 24, 2005

The Monumental Price of Monuments: Gluttony in America

The Associated Press is running a story today about the hard time that the fundraisers for 9/11 memorials are having raising the half billion dollars they need for the three monuments. The article states that the hurricanes and other disasters have lowered donations to the memorials.

I say; thank God that they're having trouble raising these excessive funds. America doesn't need to spend astronomical amounts of money to show respect for the dead. A chunk of rock with a flag and plaque would suffice.

Are we such a shallow society that we need to spend five hundred million dollars to show people we care? If we want to show people that we have a heart we can help the poor take a step up. We don't have to show our gluttonous nature.

Isn't it monument enough to those who died, that the President of the United States sent the country to war over their deaths? I question how long it will be before the soldiers and sailors, airman and marines have to wait for their monument.

Granted, the money for the monuments isn't provided by the government. So what? The half billion dollars would still be better spent on people who need it.

If America wants to have a true memorial to the people that died, they can send some poor kids to school. How many college tuitions will $500,000,000 buy? I say quite a few. America could have a living memorial and fund someones future at the same time.

Are Americans so self-centered that they believe the value of their loved ones is shown by the size of the monument received on death? I hope not.


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