Friday, October 28, 2005

A Quick Look at 'Against the Grain' on 'Radio Free Nashville'

I have just been listening to Against the Grain on WRFN Radio Free Nashville.

Radio Free Nashville is a wonderful talk radio site with streaming audio. They also have links to various organizations that make a difference. Their talk shows and music selection rock. That's probably the best compliment I'll ever give a radio station. So there it is. Subject matter covers the globe from homelessness to war.

Against the Grain is also broadcast on KPFA 94.1 FM and is available as a pod-cast. It bills itself as "a program about politics, society and ideas". It fits the bill nicely.

Today's show was about the war in Iraq. It wasn't the crap about getting all riled up and pointing the finger. It was a reasonable discussion about problems and solutions. I really enjoyed it and will download the casts of previous shows.

I'll also be writing both stations to let them know how much I enjoyed them. It's not often that I give a kudo to anyone. I'll usually bitch and complain about what's wrong. Both of these stations get it right.

You can find them at:

Against the Grain

Radio Free Nashville


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