Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Supporting Our Troops

I get fed up with all the rebel rousers telling me, a veteran, that I need to get behind the ball and put on my game face to support the troops. The fact is that I do support them. The current administration I do not.

There are good reasons, to me, why I don't support the Bushittes. None of them have to do with a political party. Though I will admit that the Republicans are more inclined at the present to piss me off.

No, the reason why I can't back the current CIC and his party is that too many bullshit things are going wrong on his watch. The war is dragging on and billions are being wasted to continue it. People are dying to avenge the attempt on his fathers life.

Katrina showed how screwed up the administration is. The war has done the same. They're like the bully in high school. Can kick everybody's ass....but can't tie his own shoes.

The deficit is out of control. The poor are being deprived of needed funding. The rich are, once again, getting a tax cut.

All these things are screwed up. They're all happening on Georges watch. But they don't piss me off as much as the unbelievable word I got today. Something worse than sending our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, and wives and husbands into harms way to be slaughtered by a roadside bomb.

What George has allowed to happen on his watch as Commander in Chief is the most deplorable act that I have ever heard of. It is not kidnapping people by the CIA or torturing people in custody. For a while I thought that those two acts were as low as one could go in a civilized society. I hate to admit it. I'm not sure it's ever happened before. I was wrong. There I said it...I was wrong about how screwed up the government has become.

If you've stuck it out this far, you know it's coming. Just not yet.

I have heard every damn politician, and every fucking zero on the news for the last several years say that 'we have to support the troops'. I fuckin' agree. We as Americans, no matter how we feel about this fucked up war, have to welcome our troops home with open arms. We have to let them know that we understand.

What I want to know is, while I'm supporting our troops. Why the fuckin' hell are they shipping them back as fuckin' freight when they die!!!

I'll say it again, Why the fuckin' hell are they sending dead troops back as fuckin' freight!!

Mr. President...FUCK YOU!


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